Shri Sangameshwar Education Society's

Infrastructure and Facilities (Primary and Middle)

  • Physical Infrastructure / Facilities
  • • Artistically designed building
  • • Big Specious classrooms (As per the norms of CBSE)
  • • Math lab
  • • Science lab
  • • Computer lab
  • • Art room
  • • Music room
  • • Social Science lab
  • Intellectual Infrastructure
  • • Well trained teachers
  • • CTM (Creative Teaching Module) based teaching
  • • Holistic development of the child
  • • CPD (Continuous Professional Development) programme
  • • ELIP classes to develop the communicative skill of the teachers
  • Emotional Infrastructure
  • • Friendly atmosphere / ambience
  • • Good rapport between teachers and students
  • • Working in collaboration with parents
  • • Emotional bond between school and parents
  • Spiritual Infrastructure
  • • Value of charity - through Annapurna Movement
  • • Touching the feet of parents before coming to school
  • • Addressing older students as bhaiya or didi
  • • Yoga and meditation
  • Campus
  • SPS is beautifully designed with a lush green garden area for free play and attractive amusement park with slide, swing, merry go round and jungle gym. Even pathways , corridors and steps are intended to be places to stay, learn and evolve and not just mere places to pass.
  • Safe and Secure Environment
  • SPS provides a safe and secure environment for its students with security and monitoring system through CCTV Cameras.Special procedures and systems are in place to perform a thorough background check of every staff member before hiring.
  • Classrooms
  • At SPS, each classroom has been designed with emphasis on providing a vibrant and safe learning environment. Each classroom is provided with the adequate lighting and seating distance from the boards. The classroom is so arranged that the teachers and kids can create their own play-learn ground.
  • Building and furniture
  • Plenty of open spaces for different activities, open learning environment and inspires the students to “explore”. The furniture is built using child-friendly material to provide a safe and comfortable learning experience.
  • Life skill labs
  • To complete the overall academic aim, SPS provides distinct and separate labs to enhance overall development amongst kids.Different corners are setup such as…..
    • Toy station
    • Puppet Gallery
    • Montessori station
    • Getting dressed- Grooming, lacing, buttoning etc.
    • Brushing
    • Toileting
    • Table manners
    • Supermarket Task
    • Safety awareness
    • Kitchen Task: Fire less cooking, measuring, poring liquids, opening containers, food storage etc
    • Different rooms: Drawing room, Bed room
    • Critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, Social etiquettes
  • Music, Dance and Yoga
  • For the recreation facility of music therapy, dance and yoga is also provided.
  • Library
  • A well-equipped library enhanced learning as it endeavors to inculcate a love for books in children, acting as a perfect catalyst to the learning.
  • Bus Facility
  • SPS provides dedicated transport services for students equipped with GPS trackers- mobile phones and first-aid kits. Each bus is managed by an experienced driver, an assistant.
Sangameshwar Public School, Solapur, Maharashtra


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Sangameshwar Public School, Solapur, Maharashtra

(Primary and Middle)

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